Traditional Taiwanese cuisine with new interpretation. A chef who is extraordinary interprets Taiwanese cuisines with healthy fruits. Mansui-Taiwanese cuisine offers authentic flavor, seafood feast and fruit cuisines that are created out of chef’s originality.

    “Lian Wu-Der” is an skilled Taiwanese cuisine master who has over thirty-year chef experience. He has directed various kinds of feasts, including five-star restaurant feasts, and even local pop-up banquets. He is a master who has profound culinary knowledge with precise fruit and vegetable carving skill, and insists on having the cuisines polished to perfect. While the traditional remains with the chef’s innovations, the creative dishes will always bring you back for more.

    With the professional team’s work on our interior spatial planning, we are glad to provide all of you the most comfortable and relaxing dining environment. Located on our underground floor, the five private rooms are able to accommodate a maximum of 120 people. Projector and Karaoke machines are provided in each private room. No matter what the occasion is business meeting or just a casual gathering, we, Mansui, are proud to offer you the best environment to dine at any time.